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Secondary Flex Courses

Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year is now CLOSED
All courses and teachers are currently at capacity. 
We have chosen to call our courses "Flex Courses" because of the flexibility given to students to choose when and how they will accomplish their goals.
Students enrolled at their local high school are welcome to take one or more online courses with BVEC. Students will have one school year to complete their course (by early to mid-June) and may work at their own pace. It is expected that students taking Flex Courses are independent learners able to create a realistic timeline to complete their work.
Smithers Secondary students taking one or more courses through BVEC may choose to work on their courses in the library, Lab 104, the Learning Centre, in the BVEC room or at home.
Houston Secondary students working on a DL course are automatically assigned a Learner Support block. Students new to  DL courses are expected show up during their designated block in the Learner Support Room (Rm 101) to work on their course. Experienced DL students can opt to work at a library workstation where they can consult a learner support teacher when needed.
Houston Secondary School