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Meet Our Staff

Mr. Currie



Neal Currie


Mr. Currie is a dedicated teacher with a specialty in Mathematics and Computer Science, and he has experience teaching most senior math and science courses, including Calculus, Physics Chemistry, and Computer Programming. He is also an accomplished coach and photographer. Mr. Currie has worked at Houston Secondary and Smithers Secondary during his employment in the Bulkley Valley, and he has been with BVEC since September 2019.

Alyson Garland

This school year, Ms. Garland is teaching a wide variety of science and math courses, in addition to being a core teacher for the grade 8 and 9 program.

Ms. McCurrach
Leslie McCurrach

Ms. McCurrach has been teaching in the BVEC online program since 2012 and is always searching for ways to improve student engagement, develop culture, foster relationships, and empower students to personalize their learning pathways in the asynchronous DL classroom. Ms. McCurrach teaches English 8-12, Social Studies 8-12, and a number of electives, in addition to a unique Gamified English 10, 11, and 12 program.



Mrs. Turney
Barb Turney

Mrs. Turney has been teaching for over 30 years. She has taught in primary and elementary grades. Currently, she is the Principal of Telkwa Elementary School and she started co-teaching with Mrs. Froese in the elementary BVEC program in 2019. 

Deb Schwarz

Ms. Schwarz is our clerical support for our elementary program.

Mrs. Froese
Kirsten Froese
Ms. Froese has been teaching for 30 years in a variety of classrooms including primary, intermediate, secondary and distributed learning. This year, while principal of BVEC, Ms. Froese co-teaches with Ms. Turney for the BVEC Elementary program. 


Currently on leave - expected return January 2022