The Student Learning Plan and Assessment

After enrolling with BVEC, a comprehensive Student Learning Plan (SLP) is developed in consultation with the parent and sometimes the child. Every grade has a unique set of Big Ideas, curricular competencies and content that are detailed in the BC Curriculum (see: and includes the resources, activities and key lesson ideas. Student Learning Plans may change over the course of the school year as new interests or needs are discovered.
Over the year, a variety of learning activities (artifacts) should be provided to your child's teacher that can be assessed. These activities can be chosen by the parent, by the child or be part of the online courses provided for students in grades 5 through 7. These learning artifacts can be presented in a number of ways including face to face conversations, physical copies, photographs, audio recordings and video. BVEC makes use of two online platforms for sharing (in addition to email); FreshGrade and Moodle-Junior (for grades 5 to 7).
Learning Summaries are provided three times a year with the first Learning Summary focusing on Numeracy and Literacy and the following summaries identifying strengths and areas to work on in all subject areas. Students that are blended with BVEC (two days or less) receive anecdotal Learning Summaries to support the ones produced by their regular school.